a monthly mentorship program for voice professionals

who want access to EVERYTHING possible

Welcome, fellow voice enthusiast!

I'm your host

Melanie Tapson

and I'm so excited you're here...

...because I made this just for YOU!

Welcome, fellow voice enthusiast!

I'm Melanie Tapson

and I'm so excited you're here...

...because I made this just for YOU.

and PS... you're in luck,
because it's just 4 MONTHS now!

MVP is...


an interactive, membership-style mentorship program designed for voice professionals like SLPs, voice teachers, and vocal coaches
and voice enthusiasts of all stripes
who want to feel more confident solving vocal problems


content you can trust, expert coaching, practical application, and the support of a warm, vibrant community


a crew of passionate fellow voice professionals excited to build skills, knowledge, and confidence through the exploration and application
of current best practices in voice care


...unlike anything else


Here's what MVP has meant to others...

Hi! I'm Melanie

and I'm incredibly passionate about all things voice!

As a professional singer, a voice teacher, a voiceover actor, a voice educator, and a clinical voice therapist, understanding the human voice has been my life's work.

But it hasn't always been an easy path unpacking the mysteries of this incredible instrument. As a performer, the demands of the job took their toll. My once-seemingly-invincible singing voice slowly became frighteningly unreliable, and my teaching voice was burning out faster than I could recover. I had no idea what was happening. I saw every kind of professional imaginable... and yet I still wasn't seeing the vocal results I desperately needed.
Refusing to give up, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided I would learn how to fix my voice myself, and that's when I started on the path to being a speech pathologist who does nothing but voice.
But it turns out that path wasn't straightforward either!

So I went on a self-directed hunt for answers.

Speech language pathology is profession with so many different rewarding areas of practice. But as a budding voice clinician, I felt like a lost sheep... at first, my fellow #voicegeeks were hard to find! The training we got in graduate school fell sorely short of answering my most pressing questions, and I felt like I was once again alone and adrift.
As soon as I graduated, I spent every waking moment and every dollar I earned traveling around taking weekend-long workshops and training courses, eager to fill in the gaps in my understanding, trying to drink it all in. The thing speech pathology gave me was access to a world of voice science I hadn't previously known... and that's when the real journey of learning began! 

That's why I created MVP.

In all my travels, I couldn't find a single place where the spectrum of voice care - from prevention to rehabilitation to optimization, theory to practice - was presented in a comprehensive and practical way. Despite all the training I undertook, there were still very limited opportunities to practice what I was learning, and even fewer chances to get feedback and grow as a clinician under supportive guidance. I needed to learn in a space where my performance experience, my voice teacher training, and my clinical skills were all valuable.

I created this for you.

Truly! I created this for YOU, fellow voice enthusiast. It took spending countless years and dollars and travel miles, plus a lot of hard work, a little good luck, and some fierce tenacity to piece it all together. Welcome to a carefully curated, satisfyingly comprehensive, refreshingly practical mentorship program that welcomes both voice therapists and voice teachers alike, designed to help you fit it all together and then put it into practice - more intentionally, joyfully, confidently. 


Welcome to MVP. You've found your people.



But HOW do I get confident working with challenging vocal problems?


It's actually a lot easier than you think!


You just need: 

a strategy based on understanding the voice care spectrum

There's nothing about voice work that is "cookie-cutter". But that doesn't mean there aren't systems and frameworks you can depend upon to help you make sound, evidence-based choices! Learn how to take the guesswork out of voice work.

an inventory of techniques you can execute with confidence 

The more challenging the voice problem, the more creative you'll need to get to solve it. A bottomless toolbox of techniques and exercises gives you unending opportunities to keep exploring with a client until you find what works.

the ability to create an individualized plan for any client

Evidence-based practice works - until it doesn't. There's always someone whose experience, context, or challenge is uniquely complex. Knowing how to pull from the wide world of voice to personalize a plan for every client is key. 

That's why in MVP, you'll get:

a road map to help you make confident, evidence-based plans with ease 

Pairing a deeper understanding the differences between normal & disordered voice with knowledge of the typical presentation and prognosis of different voice disorders helps you build a custom road map you can use to guide you through even the toughest vocal challenges.

a full toolbox of creative voice exercises & therapeutic techniques 

Drawing from voice therapy, singing voice pedagogy, body/breath/somatic work, meta-therapy & counselling, vocology, research, behavioural science and so much more, you'll develop strategies, fine-tune techniques, and build a resource library to help you confidently offer creative solutions to all kinds of vocal problems.

the big picture approach needed to individualize voice care

 Learning how to map robust data gathered from an in-depth assessment to a plan that will target each client's individual goals takes time and practice  and develops through thoughtful discussion, knowledge translation, and skills practice with supportive feedback... And MVP brings all this to you.

Hear it from MVPs themselves!


We get you.


You didn't get a voice CFY.

You're an SLP who feels like you missed the chance for voice therapy mentorship because you didn't get a voice-specialized CFY, or your grad school voice course (and lack of voice placements) let you down big time. And now you feel like you're behind and you'll never catch up.

You want a safe space to level up your skills!

You don't know who to ask.

You have questions, but don't know where to go to find trusted answers. You're tired of asking in Facebook groups only to wind up just as uncertain about the answers. You wish you had colleagues you could discuss your challenging questions with, and get trusted answers.

You'd love to have an expert mentor to talk to!

You learned the WHAT, but wish you knew HOW.

You've read everything you can get your hands on. You've done journal groups and taken workshops and watched all the piecemeal continuing ed you can find. You just want to see it in action, but you can't find anyone who will let you observe. 

You just need to try out techniques with supportive coaching!

This is why I created MVP...

...this, and so much more!



The Three Pillars of MVP: 


a core curriculum you can access on demand that allows you to work through the foundational concepts at your level - wherever you are in your voice pro journey


home programming to help you digest what you're learning in manageable bites 


resources for every part of your practice - including ones Melanie uses in her own successful voice clinic!


a private space to continue the discussion and explore different perspectives between sessions with like-minded peers


support from fellow voice pros and your mentor, Melanie, as you grow and strengthen your voice pro skills


interprofessional and collaborative practice opportunities with a circle of trusted colleagues


weekly live masterclasses featuring modeling, demonstrations, supported practice, and simulated patients


feedback on your skills to strengthen your practice and deepen your understanding as you show off what you're learning


homework activities, assessments, and case-based learning to help you consolidate your learning 

MVP grads love feeling:

  • excited to take on new kinds of voice clients

  • eager to tackle the toughest voice challenges

  • delighted by how much easier everything feels 


Take a look at what's inside!

Here's what we cover: 

Voice Care
A to Z

Every semester, we'll cover the full spectrum of voice care and managing vocal injuries:  

The "Before":
awareness, education, prevention 

The "During":
rehabilitation, coaching, training

The "After":
habilitation, carryover, optimization

All Ages,
All Stages

Every semester, we also go both broad and deep into the world of voice and voice disorders. We cover:

all types of voice disorders

the entire lifespan

everything from assessment to treatment

carryover & fostering independence 

interdisciplinary and collaborative practice 

MVP at a glance...

Monthly Membership

MVP is now a monthly membership with zero commitment. New members enjoy a 4-month curriculum with access to the resource library that's carefully paced to allow you the time to work through all the concepts we cover in voice and voice disorders from start to finish, assessment through treatment to carryover, across the lifespan, and in the context of a range of breakdowns in the voice production systems.

In those first 4 months, you'll work through core foundational content across voice habilitation and rehabilitation. You'll learn about the what and why, pausing to notice and fill in any gaps in your own practice. You can come to class and get coaching and feedback as you develop your skills, and you'll get to watch both new and seasoned MVPs with more experience continue to build on what they've been working on, too. You'll love feeling your confidence grow and you'll find yourself enjoying voice work even more!

After the first 4 months

After you work through the 4 month core curriculum, you'll feel proud, accomplished, confident... and also a little like that was just the tip of the iceberg! That's why you now have unlimited monthly access to the entire library and can continue coming to class to get super confident in the skills you're practicing.

Once you revisit the core curriculum topics, you'll add even more of the how, taking your practice deeper and allowing you opportunities to integrate and consolidate your knowledge as you get coaching and feedback from Melanie, your expert mentor. You'll feel more confident demonstrating in front of your friends, practicing on simulated clients, and your skills, abilities, and confidence will skyrocket! This practical layered approach to learning is how you'll build your confidence as you work towards independence and mastery.


Core Curriculum 

  • anatomy & physiology
  • understanding voice and disorders
  • types of voice disorders
  • meta-therapy & counselling
  •  ..and more!
  • the case history
  • perceptual voice evaluation
  • (low-cost) acoustic evaluation
  • interpreting stroboscopy info
  • quality of life measures
  • manual & postural evaluations
  • ...and more!
  • awareness & risk assessment
  • indirect therapy
  • vocal hygiene
  • vocal dose & pacing
  • direct therapy
  • Resonant Voice Therapy
  • SOVT exercises
  • Vocal Function Exercises
  • Flow Phonation
  • Conversation Training Therapy
  • ...and more!
  • accountability tools
  • facilitating behavioural change
  • carryover
  • bridging to optimization
  • ...and more!

* PLUS *

you also get


because I want to make sure you feel confident in literally
any vocal scenario!



Once you complete the first 4 month core curriculum, you get access to monthly 90 minute workshops on specialty topics Melanie conducts during your term AND you'll also get access to the replay for on-demand review!

Workshops include topics like:

  • muscle tension dysphonia
  • gender affirming voice
  • irritable larynx
  • chronic cough
  • vocal cord dysfunction
  • singing voice therapy
  • pediatrics
  • hormones & voice
  • presbyphonia
  • puberphonia 
  • ...and topics YOU choose!


Special Guests

Guest Presenters:

Expert voice pros including SLPs, singers, voice teachers, voice scientists, researchers, laryngologists and more join us each term to share their skills and knowledge.

Simulated Clients:

Much like med students get to practice their skills on mock clients, you'll also get the chance to walk real live voice users through education and exercises to practice your skills and develop your confidence!



Extra training modules!

Not only do you get more than 20 core curriculum modules, you ALSO get supplemental training in areas that will help your voice professional practice feel as easy and as joyful as the voice work!

Bonus training modules: 

  • goal writing & documentation
  • report writing
  • PRAAT voice analysis
  • private practice support

... and more! 


MVP gives you the support, the coaching, the practice, the mentorship, and the cheering squad you need to boost your confidence as a voice professional!


Looking to earn the coveted Pan American Vocology Association's Recognized Vocologist (PAVA-RV) designation?

Not sure how you are going to get through a 3 hour exam across 15+ areas of voice AND build a portfolio of experience and training across 4 different areas of voice practice???


Look no further! We've got you!


MVP is the perfect place to plan out your exam prep schedule, get answers to questions about content you're studying, find resources you need to prepare, and discuss with like-minded colleagues from different areas of voice practice!

MVP can also help you prepare your Multidisciplinary Experience Portfolio (representing evidence of knowledge, experience, or training in your 3 "minor" or secondary areas) in the following professional practice categories: 

  • acting and speaking voice habilitation
  • laryngology
  • singing voice habilitation
  • speech language pathology
  • voice science & vocology research


BE AN MVP (and work on your PAVA-RV)!

More voice care content than an SLP grad program...

without the sky-high price tag!

You COULD take the time to cobble together
all these components on your own
and pay for it all separately



You could be an MVP! 

You'll get all this...

On Demand Learning

15+ hours of on-demand learning covering the foundations of assessment, treatment, carryover and accountability 

(value $900USD/month & growing!)

Live Coaching

Weekly 90 minute live coaching masterclasses (Mondays at 8pm ET) to give you feedback on your practice 

(value $960USD/month)

Done-For-You Tools

Supplemental done-for-you tools & resources for every area, including research, tools, and client supports 

(value min $500USD & growing!)

Live Office Hours

Weekly clinical consultation "AMA"-style office hours to get expert answers to your toughest case questions - plus a year's archive of previous cohorts' recordings

(value $240USD+/month)

A Private Community

A community space that's like your very own private MVPs-only clubhouse to connect, network, discuss, learn, and get feedback in a safe and supportive environment.

(value $35USD/month)

Red Phone Access!

On top of class time, office hours, and your community space, you also have the ability to book bonus red phone access to Melanie via 1:1 accelerator sessions. You'll never feel alone! 

(only for members!)

INDIVIDUALLY = $2,635 USD each month... & growing! 


...PLUS these additional bonuses!

Live Workshops on Special Topics

Free access to live workshops on special topics monthly - including access to a growing library of replays 

(value $49USD/month & growing!)

On Demand Workshops

After the first 4 months, you get access to on-demand recordings of previous workshops to watch as often as you need

(value $300)

Guest Experts & Practice Opportunities

Expert guest lectures on a range of special topics and simulated clients for practical application 

(value minimum $500USD/month)



⭐️⭐️⭐️ Total value = $3 484 USD monthly ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I mean, that hardly seems accessible, am I right? 


Let me do something about that.


Go ahead - invest in yourself!


Because the



⭐️ 97% less ⭐️

than all these components combined!

Spread it out with
monthly payments!


$119 USD 🇺🇸
$149 CAD 🇨🇦

no commitment... ever!

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Save more with
one single payment!


$1309 USD 🇺🇸
$1639 CAD 🇨🇦

*3 month payment plan available!

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MVP is for the most passionate, dedicated voice professionals

who are ready to deeply invest in their personal and professional development.




Worried you can't make this kind of investment in yourself right now?

This program often pays for itself!

Normally, you may not feel confident taking clients 
as you're still learning.

But previous MVPeeps have found that clients were excited to work inside a learning model with the support of a mentor,
allowing the MVP to practice in real time with an expert second pair of eyes on their vocal challenge.

The client gets access to services at a rate that
reflects the learning process,
and the voice professional gets the support they deserve
as they build their skills and  confidence.

This is how a mentorship program like MVP
can pay you back as you go!


And suddenly, what once felt impossible is now


I've Still Got Questions...

No problem.  Check out these FAQs!

If you'd love more confidence solving tough vocal problems,
this membership is for YOU.